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Speaking of Columbias

The Speaking of Columbias is the flagship publication for the Columbia Sheep Breeders Association. The SOC is published three times per year. “The National Show and Sale Catalog”, version of the SOC, is distributed in mid-May. The “Results/Summer Issue”; is mailed in mid- August. The “Breeders Directory” is published and sent in mid-November. All CSBA Senior members and Junior members receive these three copies of the SOC. Additional subscriptions are $10 per year.


National Show & Sale

June 13-18, 2020
Sidney, Ohio


November 13-19, 2020
Louisville, Kentucky

Show Results

2019 National Show & Sale

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Champion Ram
Senior Champion Ram
1st Yearling Ram

Peterson Sheep Co – Doug & Lindi Peterson

Reserve Champion Ram
Reserve Senior Champion Ram
2nd Yearling Ram
Thiesen Columbias

Junior Champion Ram
1st Late Ram Lamb
Geneva Hills Farm

Reserve Junior Champion Ram
1st Early Ram Lamb
Geerts Family Columbias

Champion Intermediate Ram Lamb
1st Late Sr. Ram Lamb
A & K Columbias – Ann & Rick Wehri

Reserve Intermediate Ram Lamb
2nd Late Sr. Ram Lamb
Charles & Louise Worm

Champion Production Ram
Janelle Bredahl

Reserve Production Ram
Bredahl Columbias

 Champion Ewe
Senior Champion Ewe
1st Even Yearling Ewe
Pitt Family Columbias

Reserve Champion Ewe
Reserve Intermediate Ewe Lamb
1st Late Sr. Ewe Lamb
Thiesen Columbias

 Reserve Senior Champion Ewe
1st Odd Yearling Ewe
A & K Columbias – Ann & Rick Wehri

Junior Champion Ewe Lamb
1st Early Junior Ewe Lamb
Peterson Sheep Co – Doug & Lindi

Reserve Junior Champion Ewe Lamb
1st Late Junior Ewe Lamb
Pitt Family Columbias

Reserve Intermediate Ewe Lamb
2nd Late Sr. Ewe Lamb
A & K Columbias – Ann & Rick Wehri

Champion Production Ewe
 Bell Columbia’s

Reserve Champion Production Ewe
Janelle Bredahl

Champion Pair of Ewes
Thiesen Columbias

Reserve Pair of Ewes
Jarvis Sheep Company

Best Fleeced Ram
Hart Sheep Company

Best Fleeced Ewe
Bell Columbias

Starter Flock

The goal of the starter flock program is to cultivate new members that are going to be active breeders and participate in the association for years to come with the hopes of creating the next generation of Columbia sheep and preserving the breed. Program is open to anyone over 18 years who has not been a Columbia sheep senior or junior member in the past.

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